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1. Glyoxylic Acid 50% Solution, 500g
2. Double Sidearm Schlenk Filter tube
3. 60 ml Double Sidearm Schlenk Filter Tube 14/20
4. 250 ml Equalizing Pressure Addition Funnel
5. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, w/o needle 50cc
6. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, w/o needle 10cc
7. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, with needle 20cc
8. Reaction Vessels, Ace Glass, 1000ML
9. Kenics Static Mixer
10. TLC Reagent Sprayer Threaded

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Microscope, Binocular, MRJ-03L (MS101)

Binocular Medical and Research Microscope MRJ-03L

Our Price: $423.00 ea
Microscope, binocular, MRJ-03L

Microscope Binocular stereo SMJ-01 (MS102)

Stereo Microscope Binocular SMJ-01

Our Price: $225.00 ea
Microscope Binocular stereo SMJ-01

Microscope, Advanced Binocular MF-02 (MS103)

Advanced Microscope Binocular MF-02

Our Price: $358.99 ea
Microscope, Advanced Binocular MF-02

Microscope, Intermediate, Stereo i-Explore Scope (MS115)

The Binocular head allows comfortable viewing with both eyes (no more squinting) and the built in light illuminates all specimens for premium viewing every time.

Our Price: $89.99 ea
Microscope, Intermediate, Stereo i-Explore Scope

Microscope, Binocular Student (MS149)

Binocular Microscope is for the serious  scientist

Our Price: $215.00 ea
Microscope, Binocular Student

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